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Video: Suspects Steal 3,000 in Distraction Theft

Brooklyn, NY - On September 15, two suspects were captured committing a distraction theft.

Video: Suspect stole $1,000 ring

Albuquerque, N.M. - On September 15, 2017, a suspect was captured on surveillance concealing a handful of necklaces.

Video: Smash and Grab Robbery

Santa Ana, CA - On September 13, 2017, two suspects took part in a smash and grab robbery.

Video: Trio stole $32,000 worth of jewelry

Trumbull, CT - On September 2, 2017, three suspects committed a distraction theft.

Armed Robbers Storm Into Jewelry Store

Elizabeth, NJ - On September 4, 2017, four suspects came into a jewelry store and brandished guns at the store's owners.

Burglars Tunnel into Pawn Shop

Louisville, KY - On September 1, 2017, at approximately 2:30 a.m., three suspects were in the process of trying to escape with jewelry when they were arrested. 

$300,000 in Jewelry Stolen from Art Show Vendors

Portland, OR - On September 2, 2017, two jewelers had their merchandise stolen from their unattended vehicle after taking part in an Art Show.

Video: Professional Thieves

Shawnee, KS - On August 20, 2017, three women committed a sneak theft and stole vintage and antique items.

Three burglaries in one night

Loveland, CO - On August 24, 2017, two jewelry stores were burglarized. A third jewelry store was burglarized 47 miles away in Westminster, CO.

Video: Traveling Salesman’s Jewelry Stolen

Lauderhill, FL - On August 15, 2017, thieves conducted surveillance on a traveling salesman and then stole his jewelry.