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G4S International Logistics

A division of G4S, the world’s leading international security solutions group. The combination of our Armored, Insured Parcel, Trade Show and Supply chain services give any high-value shipper the most choices throughout your supply chain or distribution network. As one company that provides you with cost- effective shipping options for values from USD$1 to $200M, G4S International Logistics is able to streamline your processes and increase your global reach.

50 W. 47th St., Suite 314
New York NY 10036
Contact:Charles Campagna, General Manager
Email: charles.campagna@g4si.com
Phone: 212-221-8510 x16222
Contact:Brian Berkowitz, Director, Global Business Development
Email: brian.berkowitz@g4si.com
Phone: 561-306-5284
Website: https://www.g4si.com