19 Subjects Face Trial Over Airport Jewelry Heist

Brussels, Belgium — On January 31, 2018, the trial of 19 subjects believed to be involved in a $50 million robbery at an airport in 2013 commenced.

In February, 2013, a group of armed men impersonated police officers and seized gems from a passenger plane. The subjects wore hoods and were armed with machine guns. They pulled up in a car on the runway at Brussels’ Zaventem Airport. An armored vehicle had unloaded diamonds into a plane about to depart for Zurich.

The subjects forced open the planes hold and removed 120 boxes of diamonds before fleeing with $50 million in gems. Most of the gems were never recovered.

The main subject, identified as Marc Bertoldi, is currently being held in France.


cover face

An accused robber covering himself leaving court

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