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Crime Suspects

Violent fugitives arrested for shooting jeweler

They are accused of committing a violent gunpoint robbery.

Three suspects arrested for robberies targeting traveling jewelry salespeople

This suspect conspired with others to rob members of the jewelry industry.

Wanted grab and run thief

He stole an engagement ring set.

Wanted for stealing necklace

He may have escaped in a white 4-door sedan.

Employee of jewelry company stole $2.8 million from employer

He stole from his former employer to fund his lifestyle.

Subject wanted for gunpoint robbery

This subject brandished a gun and then stole jewelry.

Update: Suspect arrested following brutal murder of pawnshop owner

This suspect was arrested and charged with murder following the death of a pawnshop owner.

6 Smash & Grab Robbers Arrested After Multiple Robberies

6 men were arrested for brazen smash & grabs targeting multiple businesses.

Wanted gunpoint smash & grab robbers

They are wanted for several robberies. Click within to learn more.

Wanted ring thief

She stole two rings that were left on a counter.