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Crime Suspects

Couple robs jewelry store at gunpoint!

They cased a jewelry store, then returned to rob them on another day.

Subject wanted for bomb threat

He left a note demanding jewelry and cash.

Mastermind of $13 Million burglary crew sentenced

He lived in a multi-million dollar townhouse and acquired millions in illicit proceeds.

Jeweler pistol-whipped during home invasion

Two gunmen assaulted an independent jeweler.

Subjects wanted for armed robbery

Two subjects are at large after committing a gunpoint robbery.

Men Who Fenced Stolen Diamonds Sentenced to 15+ Years

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Texas issued a press release outlining the nefarious actions five men took to illicitly acquire stolen jewelry. Click within to view the press release.

Subject wanted for jewelry store burglary

Have you seen this subject?

Suspects wanted and identified after burglary

Click within to view a news clip about this burglary.

Subjects wanted for $35,000 credit card fraud

Have you seen this subject?

Two suspects indicted for 11 robberies of jewelers & owners of luxury watches

Click within to learn about nearly a dozen crimes that targeted jewelers and luxury watch owners.