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Crime Suspects

Security guard shot and killed during robbery

Norman Thomas (featured) was shot a killed by robbers during a gunpoint smash and grab robbery.

Three Miami Men Found Guilty of Pawn Shop Robbery Spree and Murder

Three suspects have been found guilty of a litany of crimes including robbery and murder. Click within to learn more.

Jeweler shoots and kills 2 robbers

A witness reported she heard at least 8 shots fired. Click within to learn more.

Duo wanted for multiple thefts

This subject and her accomplice are wanted for two thefts.

Suspect arrested after bludgeoning jeweler with gun and hammer

He committed a robbery that left a jeweler in the intensive care unit.

Suspect shot after stabbing employee

This suspect was arrested after stabbing an employee after he attempted to commit a smash and grab robbery.

Grab and run thief wanted for at least 11 thefts; JSA Offers reward

Longview, TX - August 20, 2022 - This subject is highly mobile and he is wanted for grab and run thefts in several jurisdictions.

Subject wanted for sneak theft

Click within to learn how this subject stole a watch.

Violent fugitives arrested for shooting jeweler

They are accused of committing a violent gunpoint robbery.

Three suspects arrested for robberies targeting traveling jewelry salespeople

This suspect conspired with others to rob members of the jewelry industry.