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Crime Suspects

Employee of jewelry company stole $2.8 million from employer

He stole from his former employer to fund his lifestyle.

Subject wanted for gunpoint robbery

This subject brandished a gun and then stole jewelry.

Pawnshop owner brutally killed, up to $5,000 reward offered for information leading to subject’s arrest

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6 Smash & Grab Robbers Arrested After Multiple Robberies

6 men were arrested for brazen smash & grabs targeting multiple businesses.

Wanted gunpoint smash & grab robbers

They are wanted for several robberies. Click within to learn more.

Wanted ring thief

She stole two rings that were left on a counter.

Two subjects wanted for distraction theft

Have you seen this subject and his accomplice? They stole a high-end watch.

Subjects wanted for distraction theft

They have committed crimes in several states.

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Subject wanted for stealing more than $50,000 in smash and grab

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