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Crime News

74-year-old jeweler uses Israeli martial art Krav Maga to thwart robber

Fort Lauderdale, FL - On March 2, 2019, at approximately 2:30 p.m., a subject entered a jewelry store and proceeded to walk to a restricted area in the store. The subject then attempted to remove a chain.

Video: Three subjects wanted for distraction theft

Jacksonville, FL - On March 8, 2019, at approximately 3:18 p.m., three subjects committed a distraction theft and stole three necklaces valued at $15,000. 

7 Charged with Selling Fake Native American Jewelry

New York, NY - On March 12, 2019, Brecken Branstrator of the National Jeweler published an article regarding the suspects who were arrested for selling fake jewelry.

Notorious Jewelry Thief Foiled

Meridian, MS - On March 6, 2019, 77-year-old James Bullard entered a jewelry store and attempted to conceal a $2,800 gold necklace. Bullard has eight active warrants in three states. Click within to find out how his plans were thwarted.

Self proclaimed ‘swipe god’ & rapper arrested for credit card fraud

Detroit, MI - On March 7, 2019, federal prosecutors indicted 25-year-old Jonathan Woods. The Detroit based rapper, who raps under the name "Selfmade Kash," bragged about committing credit card fraud on Instagram. 

Burglars charged with corrupt activity

Miami County, FL- On March 6, 2019, 41-year-old Kenneth Evans and 36-year-old Marcus Gates were arraigned on first-degree felony engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.  The suspects are alleged to have committed a $150,000 burglary of a jewelry store by entering through the roof. 

Atlanta Jeweler Home Invasion Shows Need for Precautions

New York, NY - On March 6, 2019, Rob Bates published an article outlining precautions jewelers should take at home.

Two robbers killed inside jewelry store

Couva, Trinidad & Tobago - On March 6, 2019, at approximately 5:00 a.m., two subjects robbed a jewelry store. After the owners were informed of the robbery, they called the police. 

JSA Offers up to $10,000 Reward for Information on Home Invasion Robbery and Burglary

Atlanta, GA – March 5, 2019 - On February 16, 2019, masked armed robbers forced their way into the home of a jewelry store manager, tied up the manager and his wife, and threatened to kill them

Five suspects arrested after smash & grab

Houston, TX - On February 25, 2019, at approximately 12:30 p.m., four subjects entered a jewelry store. They smashed display cases with sledgehammers and then stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.