$86K in packages stolen from Sacramento-area jeweler intercepted, 2 arrested

VALLEJO, CA – February 14, 2024 – Two people were arrested after authorities said they intercepted three stolen packages in transit, valued at about $86,000, belonging to a Sacramento-area jeweler.

Kyle Gutierrez and Lakisha Pettus

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said its Special Investigations Bureau (SIB) investigated the theft that happened on January 12. 

Deputies said they learned a suspect, Lakisha Pettus, posed as an employee of a Sacramento-area jeweler and coordinated that the packages be released to a third-party courier service for a fee. 

The courier then took the packages to Vallejo, where deputies said Kyle Gutierrez took possession of the stolen packages. Gutierrez then gave the packages to Pettus for a fee, deputies said. 

But on January 15, deputies said SIB detectives uncovered Pettus’ attempt to intercept another package. This package was valued at about $65,000, deputies said. SIB conducted an undercover operation, leading them to Vallejo where Pettus and Gutierrez were apprehended.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office issued an arrest warrant for both suspects, leading to them being arrested and taken to the Sacramento County jail. Deputies said it was discovered that Pettus has been involved in this scheme for nearly 15 years. Any business that has been victimized can contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office at (916) 874-5115.

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Gutierrez and Pettus were released from custody on February 14, 2024.

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