Four dead following robbery of jewelry store

December 5, 2019 - Coral Gables, FL

Coral Gables, FL – On December 5, 2019, at approximately 4:14 p.m., two subjects committed a gunpoint robbery at a jewelry store. The subjects fired a bullet into the ground, which ricocheted and hit a female employee in the forehead. She sustained a minor wound. As the subjects fled, a shootout ensued between the jewelry store owner and the subjects.

At some point, the owner activated a silent alarm and police responded. At approximately 4:36 p.m., the subjects hijacked a UPS truck and took the driver hostage. The subjects led police on a chase from Coral Gables to Miramar Parkway near Flamingo Road when the subjects were hindered by rush-hour traffic.

Police surrounded the UPS truck. The subjects then shot at law enforcement and law enforcement returned fire. As a result of the shootout, both suspects died as well as the UPS driver and a bystander in his vehicle.

The individual in the featured image is Ronnie Hill. He was one of the robbers. His accomplice was identified as Lamar Alexander. He is pictured below.

Lamar Alexander


News clip footage can be seen below.


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