Apprehended after using stolen credit card to buy $10,000 in jewelry

March 19, 2021 - Coral Springs, FL

On March 19, 2021, police in Coral Springs, FL arrested 30-year-old Heidi Brumfield. On March 6, a woman informed Coral Springs police that her store credit card for a jewelry store had been stolen from her wallet in her car. The theft occurred on March 3. The stolen card was used to make a purchase of over $10,000 in jewelry from a jewelry store.

After reviewing surveillance footage, officers discovered a woman, later identified as Heidi Brumfield, was responsible for making the purchase.

Employees thought Brumfield was suspicious because she asked to see a large amount of jewelry and she was nervous. The purchase was initially declined because of the size of the transaction, however, Brumfield called the bank and gave them information which allowed the transaction to be processed.

During Brumfield’s conversation with the bank, a security code was issued to the victim’s cell phone, but Brumfield managed to convince the bank that she had lost her cell phone. The bank sent the security code to the number Brumfield provided.

On March 16, police obtained probable cause for Brumfield’s arrest. On March 19, she was arrested during a traffic stop.


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