On 6/26/17, two male suspects entered the store by making a hole in the wall in the store’s backroom. It is unknown when access was made. At approximately 9:35 a.m., when two sales associates arrived to open the business, one associate went to the backroom. When she entered the backroom, she found two suspects holding guns in their hands. The sales associate then screamed. At that point the second associate ran to the backroom. When he entered the room one of the suspects demanded he deactivate the alarm. As the associate was deactivating the alarm one of the suspects said “there is a silent alarm on it, do not hit it.” After the alarm was deactivated they instructed the sales associate to open the safe. He complied in opening the safe. Once the safe was opened, the suspects instructed both associates to get on their knees and turn around.  The suspects put items from the safe into a black trash bag. They then fled from the store. Both suspects were described as Black males, dressed in all black clothing and wearing bandannas over their faces. One suspect is 5’9” and the other is 5’7.” If you have any information regarding the identities of these individuals, please call the Omaha Police Department at 402-444-4619.


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