On 12/1/20, at approximately 8:10 p.m., two sales associates were outside and in the process of locking up their store for the evening. The associates were then approached by a Black male subject, who had been hiding behind a pillar. The subject had a weapon and ordered them back into the store. Once the subject was in the store, he demanded high-end watches. One of the sales associates went to the case and retrieved the watches. The subject then demanded that they open the vault. He said he wanted “the expensive stuff”; he specifically wanted gold. He then ordered the associates to put jewelry into a bag. Once they did so, the subject fled from the store with the bag of jewelry. The subject has a thin build. He wore a gray hoodie, jeans, a ski mask and sneakers. If you have any information regarding this subject’s identity, please email the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at .


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