On 8/8/18, 29-year-old Robert Goodwin, Jr. was sentenced to 45 years in prison. Goodwin along with three other men; Abin Lee Lowman, James Wilson and Joshua Darien committed a home invasion of a jeweler. The men meticulously prepared for the robbery which involved a week of surveillance to know the jeweler’s daily routine and habits. Goodwin and his accomplices purchased a gun, dark clothing, gloves, walkie-talkies and zip-ties. They committed the robbery on March 8, 2017.

On the night of the robbery, Hubbard and Goodwin broke into the jeweler’s vehicle and stole a .380 caliber pistol. The men then proceeded to enter the jeweler’s home through a window at midnight. Wilson and Darien shouted “ATF” as they ordered the jeweler and his wife from their bedroom. Lowman waited outside the home during the two-hour home invasion. Lowman was waiting for the keys to the jewelry store, as well as the alarm and safe codes.  Lowman instructed Goodwin and Hubbard to kill the jeweler and his wife if things went wrong.

The jeweler and his wife had their hands restrained with zip-ties. They were then separated while the jeweler had a gun pressed against his head. While the jeweler was restrained, Goodwin showed him a picture of his wife’s driver’s license and said, “I see your wife is an organ donor. You don’t want her to be donating any organs, do you?”

Lowman then left the residence and was on his way to the jewelry store. However, he was stopped by police for a traffic violation and subsequently arrested. The other subjects were also subsequently arrested.

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