On 5/19/21, at approximately 4:10 p.m., a jewelry store received a call from a subject with a thick foreign accent who introduced himself as Mark. The subject inquired about 3 watches, provided his credit card number, and other information indicating he was the account holder. After the purchase, he wanted the watches shipped to another one of the store’s locations in San Antonio, TX. While attempting to verify the subject’s name from a suspected fraudster list, another team member confirmed the subject’s name was on a list from a recent Loss Prevention (LP) alert. The team member then notified LP to report the incident. After reporting to the subject, the charge failed to go through. The subject provided a second account number. After placing the subject on hold and returning a short time later, the team member once again informed the subject the sale failed to go through. Verification conducted through the issuing bank (Chase Bank) discovered the name the subject provided did not match the true account holder nor was it an authorized user.

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