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Brink’s Global Services, USA, Inc.

As the industry leader in risk management and secure logistics, Brink’s has safeguarded valuables since 1859. With 150 years of experience, Brink’s offers the utmost quality of services and sets the market standard. Brink’s Global Services (BGS) is the global division of Brink’s Incorporated, a widely recognized provider of secure logistics solutions. Utilizing our integrated network of worldwide affiliates, BGS offers secure transport and associated security services in more than 110 countries. With our unsurpassed global footprint, BGS transportation services include armored vehicles; trucks and trailers; secure air and sea freight; air charters (fixed wing and helicopters); couriers and armed messengers.

580 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10036
Contact:Daniel McGowan, Security Manager
Email: daniel.mcgowan@brinksinc.com
Contact:Aviad Sporer, Director, Diamonds and Jewelry National Sales
Email: aviad.sporer@brinksinc.com
Website: https://www.brinksinc.com