On 2/21/2024, at approximately 1:30 a.m. Thomasville, NC Police Officers responded to a jewelry store after hearing of a breaking and entering in progress.

The 911 call indicated that a male subject broke into the side window of a jewelry store and was observed leaving the jewelry store in a car a short time later. Responding officers eventually found the car travelling and attempted to pull it over, but the driver refused to stop.

Police chased the subject’s vehicle into the parking lot of a bank. The subject nearly struck the back of the building and again refused to surrender after an officer pulled behind the subject’s vehicles and told him to surrender.

The subject then put his car in reverse and hit the officer’s vehicle. The suspect drove until hitting a utility pole’s guy wire. At that point, the subject fled on foot. Officers arrested the subject after a brief scuffle following the subject running into a creek. The subject was identified as 44-year-old Reginald Martinez Grissom. Police recovered jewelry from the Grissom’s vehicle. Click here to learn about the crimes Grissom was charged with.

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