Between 6/1/21 and 6/2/21, a burglar broke through a jewelry store’s roof and lowered themselves down with a rope. The subject proceeded to steal $37,000 worth of jewelry which included necklaces, gold chains, diamond pendants, and watches. The family-owned business received a notification from the alarm company, but they decided not to check on the store in person that night because they had received many false alarms in the past, which turned out to be small animals on the roof. The burglar wore a bandana over his mouth and a light-colored shirt. The subject is believed to have gained access to the roof from the rear of the building, where he possibly used a ladder left outside nearby an unoccupied home. A description of the subject was not provided. If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at 212-687-0328 or jsa2@jewelerssecurity.org .

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