On 12/16/21, a jewelry store was the victim of a burglary. At approximately 5:08 a.m., a vehicle was seen pulling up in front of the store. At 5:08 a.m., an unknown male subject approached the store and used an object to break out a small front glass window to gain access to the store. Once inside, the subject was observed walking through the store and into the back room. He pulled on the safe handle but the safe was locked. He then quickly exited the back room with the object still in his hand and fled the store through the broken window at 5:09 a.m. The subject was observed leaving the scene in what appears to be a red 4-door compact car. No showcases were observed being breached during this incident. The subject was described as a 6′ male. He was last seen wearing a dark long-sleeve hoodie, a mask, dark pants, dark tennis shoes, and black gloves. If you have any information regarding this subject, please contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at jsa2@jewelerssecurity.org or 212-687-0328.

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