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Geneva Jeweler Kidnapped

Geneva, Switzerland - On March 13, 2017 a jeweler from Geneva was kidnapped from his home and forced to give his captors merchandise.

Geneva Diamond Thief

Geneva, Switzerland - On February 10, 2017, the suspect featured went to a jewelry store to pick up three pre-ordered diamonds. He ultimately took the diamonds without transferring money to the jeweler.

Armed Robbers Flee on Motorcycles

Barcelona, Spain - On February 23, 2017 four men committed a gunpoint smash and grab robbery and fled on motorcycles.

Seven Suspects Arrested for $72 Million Diamond Robbery

Amsterdam - On January 20, 2017 seven suspects were arrested in connection to a multi-million dollar diamond heist.

17 Suspects Arrested in Connection to Kim Kardashian’s Robbery

Paris, France - On January 9, 2017 Paris Police arrested 17 suspects connected to Kim Kardashian's robbery in October, 2016.

$22 Million Hong Kong Gold Robbery

On November 22, 2016 a gang of thieves committed a gunpoint robbery in Hong Kong.

Kim Kardashian Robbed

Paris, France - On October 3, 2016 Kim Kardashian was robbed of more than $10 million in jewelry. Click within to learn the latest details

Gang of Five Arrested at Trade Show

On September 13, 2016 in Hong Kong, a group of five thieves were arrested.

Thwarted Smash and Grab

On August 3, 2016, four subjects used machetes and an axe in a London smash and grab attempt.

Well Planned Robbery

On May 1, 2016, at approximately 12:15 p.m., a man in his mid-twenties, his older brother and a female committed a gunpoint robbery in Chandigarh, India.