Chilean Jewelry Crime Gang Arrested in Sydney

Sydney, Australia – On September 19, 2017, two suspects were arrested for their involvement in a gang that stole over $600,000 worth of jewelry in Sydney.

The members of the gang wore glasses, hats and earpieces to communicate while they committed thefts. They also committed a distraction theft by spilling a drink on a victim’s jacket to steal jewelry.

The group targeted at least 17 businesses in August and September. The stolen jewelry was mailed overseas. The two recent arrests raised the total number of suspects arrested to six.

Ubaldo Enrique Lara Pizarra, Nicolas Josue Lara Silva and Christian Andres Carvajal Alvarado pleaded guilty.

The suspects were apprehended as they attempted to board a flight back to Chile.

One of the suspect’s is led through Sydney Airport


Arrested Suspect


Arrested Suspect

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