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CIS Security Solutions, Inc.

CIS is providing LP Solutions for over 27 years.   Counterfeit Detection, AM/RF/RFID/EAS tags, UV/Counterfeit Detection pens, UV flashlights. Customizable: padlock tags, clamps, recoiling tethers, more.  Patents: security EAS cores, Scratch & Secure color changing ink, Mousetrap alarming tethers.  New: Alarming Tape Tags, Convertible Tag and Scorpion Tag.

7136 SE Osprey St.
Hobe Sound, FL 33455
Fax: 772-287-0991
Phone: 772-287-7999
Contact: Pete Morello, Jr., CEO
E-mail: pete@cisssinc.com
Website: www.cisssinc.com