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Physical, Cyber & Dark Web Security Specialists.

As a specialist security consultancy, HMH Consultants will look to solve all your security needs and fears. Having a Physical or Cyber Assessment Completed we can determine the best course of action to solve your security needs. The assessments come in three packages each more extensive with a completed confidential recommended action report to help adjust, implement and overcome any security concerns. All reviews are undertaken by trained personnel and will be under the strict authorisation of a non-disclosure and non-compete legally binding agreement.

HMH Consultants are also experts in Dark Web Analysis. Scanning the Dark Web for your data for both your companies and client’s data exposure. Monitoring for these continual data breaches can proactively change the way you deal with the threat and risk from data breaches to your business without causing any down time in or sales disruption.

These tests are in accordance with national ASIS / British Standard Institution (BSI) and best practice guidelines.

Contact: Greg C Holland-Merten MSc,

Phone: USA: +1 346 762 8653
Phone: UK: +44 (0)7554445855


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