On 2/4/17, at approximately 5:15 p.m., two suspects looked at several items including, bracelets, chains, watches and sapphire bracelets. The suspects stated the items were wedding gifts and would be given away as souvenirs. After the suspects selected various items they were brought to the register. Once there, the suspects requested to have merchandise wrapped separately by category. They also wanted items placed in pouches and then into a series of bags which needed to be stapled. One of the suspects reached into the bag and explained how he wanted the pouches to be arranged. The price of the items was $30,000. The suspects only presented $7,000. After the manager finished counting the money, the suspects said they would return with more money, but never did. After the suspects left, the manager opened the bags and discovered the pouch containing gold merchandise was missing. Both suspects were described as Middle Eastern men. They are approximately 40-years-old. One suspect is 5’9” and has a medium build. He wore a grey cap and black jacket with red leather shoes. The second suspect is 5’11” and has a heavy build. He has a patterned cap, black jacket and red shirt. He also has gold teeth. If you have any information regarding the identities of these suspects, please call the Braintree Police Department at (781) 794-8600.

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