On 6/23/16, a sales associate assisted a couple in viewing high-end watches. The couple decided that they wanted to purchase two watches. While the couple and the sales associate were at the counter, the couple asked the sales associate if they could see gift wrapping paper. As the sales associate turned to retrieve the wrapping paper, surveillance footage showed the female subject remove the watch from the box it was placed in. She then returned an empty box to the sales associate. After the sales associate quoted the price of the two watches, the couple claimed they did not have enough money to make a purchase. They said they would come back with more money and asked the associate to gift wrap the watches. The associate wrapped the items, but later became suspicious and opened the items; the box was empty. The male subject is described as 20-years-old and Hispanic. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a black polo shirt, blue jeans and a gold belt buckle. The female subject is described as 35-years-old and Hispanic. She weighs approximately 195 pounds. Her hair was under a printed wrap. She was last seen wearing a blue and white printed blouse and skirt. She also has gold capped side teeth. If you have any information regarding the identity of this couple, please contact the Riverside Sheriff’s Office at 951-922-7100.


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