On 7/21/22 at approximately 6:43 p.m. two male customers entered a retail jewelry store together, but were shopping separately, and being shown several pieces each. Eventually, they were together and were shown pieces from the clearance case. While team member was showing chains from the 50%-60% off pad, one of the customers reached into the case and took a lab created diamond ring. A third customer approached them and spoke a lot to them. The two customers complained that the third customer was bothering them and when attention went to the third customer, the first two left the store with a ring. The theft was not discovered until counts were performed on July 25th. Video was reviewed and confirmed the theft.

Subject Descriptions: Subject 1: Black, about 5’10”, medium build, about 45-years-old, wearing a gray t-shirt with white shorts and white sneakers. Subject 2: Black, about 5’10”, medium build. about 45-years old. He was last seen wearing a gray and white striped shirt and dark shorts with a gray ball cap. Subject 3; may not have been involved, described as a white male in his mid 40s and acting intoxicated.


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