On 6/11/17, at approximately 6:40 p.m., a female suspect approached a sales associate and asked to see gold chains. After the female was shown gold chains, a male suspect approached the female suspect and assisted her in looking at gold chains. The sales associate placed three chains on the counter. The female suspect had asked for the chains to be a certain weight. The male suspect handed the female suspect a large amount of cash. At that point, the sales associate took the chains and brought it to the register. She told the suspects the chains were $37,353.00. The suspects stated they only had $20,000.00 and they would return with more money. After the suspects left the store, an inventory count was performed. An item was discovered missing. The female suspect was described as 47-years-old. She is 5’3” tall, white and spoke with a European Accent. The male suspect is 37-years-old. He is 5’9” tall, white and spoke with a European Accent. If you have any information regarding the identities of these suspects, please call the Edison Police Department at 732-248-7400.

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