On 6/23/16, at approximately 5:48 pm, a subject held a catalog in hand and asked a sales associate to see a ring from a particular case. While he was looking at the ring, he held it at a distance, to distract the sales associate. The subject then told the sales associate that he needed to speak with his wife before he could proceed. Later that night, the sales associate noticed that three diamond rings were missing. Surveillance footage was able to capture three subjects involved in the theft. The first subject brought in the catalog. The second subject, squatted near the entrance of the store. The third subject stayed at the entrance, but communicated with the second subject by using hand signals. This allowed the second subject to go into the store and grab the three rings. All three subjects are black males. The first subject was described as 6’ tall with a dark complexion. He had a beard and wore a white Florida t-shirt, black cap and black jeans. The second subject had a medium complexion and wore a black knit cap, and a tan shirt with shorts. He also wore black sneakers. The third subject had a medium complexion. He wore a red polo shirt, tan shorts, sunglasses with a gold trim and a cargo cap. If you have any information regarding the identities of these individuals, please contact the Edison Police Department at 732-248-7400.

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