On 04/03/23, a male and female team working together requested to see chains at a retail jewelry store.  Both subjects then split up to both ends of the showcase.  The male subject requested to see a chain, and he sought assistance putting it on from the team member.  As the team member was doing this, the female subject placed her hands in the showcase and removed a chain, then concealing said piece.  Both subjects then proceeded to a second showcase, repeating the same pattern, with the female subject reaching inside the showcase, and concealing a ring, as the team member was being distracted by the male subject.  Both subjects then exited the store. 

Subject(s) Descriptions:

Suspect 1: Hispanic female, 5’7″, mid to late 30’s, medium build, brown hair, brown eyes, spoke Spanish.  He was last seen wearing a black jacket, dark pants, and tennis shoes.

Suspect 2: Hispanic male, 6′, slim build.  He was last seen wearing a dark coat and a dark ball cap.

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