On 3/4/23, at approximately 5:27 p.m., a distraction theft was reported at a retail jewelry store in Lexington, KY. According to team members, around 5:23 p.m, two males and one female entered the location under the pretense of shopping for gold and diamond bracelets. The female subject claimed she was looking for a gift for her mother and wanted to see gold chains. When presented with gold chain options, the female subject reached over and grabbed two gold chains from the pad.

One of the male subjects quickly pointed to other chains to distract the team members’ attention. The female subject handed back one of the gold chains and the group left the store. Due to their suspicious actions, a case audit was completed and confirmed the above gold chain was missing. Upon reviewing the store’s security video, the female subject was observed palming and concealing the gold chain in her purse.

Subject(s) Description:

Subject 1: Male, Arabic/Middle Eastern, 30’s, 285 lbs, heavy build, dark hair, and beard. Wearing a black ball cap, red short-sleeve t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and grey tennis shoes.

Subject 2: Female, Arabic/Middle Eastern, 20’s, 5’5”, 130lbs, short dark hair. Wearing a light color long sleeve sweater, black shirt, black pants, and white tennis shoes.

Subject 3: Male, Arabic/Middle Eastern, 20’s, 5’10”, average build, dark hair, and beard. Wearing a black short-sleeve t-shirt, grey pants, and black shoes.

If you have any information regarding these subjects, please contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at jsa2@jewelerssecurity.org or 212-687-0328

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