On 10/1/22, at approximately 4:25 p.m., a jewelry kiosk was the victim of a distraction theft.  Two males entered the location and initially, acted as if they were not together. One of the males approached the gold showcase and began looking at chains and bracelets. A team member opened a showcase and began showing merchandise. As soon as the showcase was open, the second male approached the showcase as well.

During the interaction, both males began talking fast, flashing money, reaching in and out of the showcase, and asking the team member questions.  A key-holder observed the behavior and approached the males and a team member who was assisting, and the males quickly exited.  Video was reviewed and the theft was confirmed. Both males were engaged in stealing a chain and two bracelets.

The subjects’ descriptions are below:

Subject 1:  Male, Black, late 50’s, 5’11”, thin build, wearing black pants, a black t-shirt, a gray hat with a black bill, and a mask.

Subject 2:  Male, Black, late 50’s, 5″06″, thin build, wearing dark pants, a gray shirt, a black jacket with white stripes down the arms, a black hat, and a mask.


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