On 7/12/16, at approximately 8:42 p.m., a male and female guest stole a bracelet and chain from a jewelry store. The female suspect flashed a large amount of cash in her handbag and stated she was going to purchase eight items. The sales associate showed multiple items at the same time. This gave the suspects the opportunity to steal a chain and bracelet. The suspects are believed to have Romanian heritage. The male suspect has an olive complexion and is believed to be 30 to 35 years-old. He speaks in broken English with a heavy accent. He is 6’0. He last wore a dark shirt with letters, dark pants and sandals with a ball cap. The female suspect also has an olive complexion. She is believed to be 55-years-old and was last seen with red hair pulled back. She is 5’2. If you have any information regarding the identity of these individuals, please contact the Orlando Police Department at 407-246-2470.

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