On 8/25/22, at approximately 1:00 p.m. management of a jewelry kiosk inside a mall noticed rings were missing from a showcase. At 12:45Â p.m., three male subjects were at the kiosk trying on chains. One of the males wanted to try on a diamond necklace. It was removed from the case and he was allowed to see it. The team member stepped to the right, at the next case, to turn the mirror for him. Two men followed the employee to the mirror, and one man remained at the diamond section. The two men in front of the team member kept asking questions and asked for assistance removing the necklace from his neck.

During this time, camera footage from across the hall shows one man reaching over the counter. He then removed several rings. The first and second subjects were described as Black males, in their 40’s. They are tall and were last seen wearing black and white shirts. They also wore several gold chains and charms. The third subject is a tall Black male. He is middle-aged and he was last seen wearing a blue shirt and blue sneakers. Â He reached in and took rings from the open showcase.

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