Distraction Theft Subjects

October 7, 2017 - Bethel Park, PA

On the date listed above, this suspect and his accomplices featured below, committed a theft.

The suspects asked to see gold chains and bracelets. The sales associate then placed items on a display pad. The associate then told the manager the suspects spoke in a foreign language and she couldn’t understand them.

The associate proceeded to remove an entire tray of gold merchandise so that the suspects could point out what they wanted to see. At that point, the suspects concealed a chain.

The suspects inquired about pricing for three pieces. After receiving the price, the female suspect displayed a large wad of cash from her pocket. She said she did not have enough cash to pay for the items. However, she wanted to know if the store would hold the item overnight. After the associate said yes, the suspects left the store.

The male suspect is in his 50’s and is bald. He has a European Accent and is 5’10” tall. He weighs 250 lbs and was last seen wearing a blue button down shirt. The first female suspect is in her 20’s. She was texting on her cell phone. She has brown hair that goes past her shoulders. She is 5’5″ and weighs 140 lbs. The second female is in her 50’s. She is 5’5″ and weighs 200 lbs. She was last seen wearing a white shirt. She also spoke with a European accent.

If you have any information regarding the identities of these suspects, please call the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at (212) 687-0328.

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