On 4/12/16, two male suspects committed a glass lift on a display case of a jewelry store. One of the suspects made sure all of the associates were kept on the other side of the store, facing away from the display case. There was a small chip on the bottom of the glass door, as well as marks on the frame under the chipped glass. Evidently, the suspects were able to use some type of wire or coat hanger under the door to pull the ring out. The theft was not discovered until the following day when inventory counts were done. Both suspects are described as African American males. One suspect is 60-years-old, 6”0” and weighs 180 pounds. The second suspect is 35-years-old, 6’1” and weighs 180 pounds. If you have any information regarding the identity of these individuals, please contact the Pineville Police Department at 704-889-7867.

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