On 12/5/21, at approximately 6:35 p.m., a subject entered a jewelry store, approached the sales associate, and ask if the store had diamond Cuban links.  After being informed they did not, he asked about a few chains through the case then asked to try on a rope chain.  After holding the chain up to his neck, he handed it back to the sales associate then asked to see it once more. At approximately 6:45 p.m, the subject put the chain in the palm of his hand, closed it into a fist, and asked the sales associate to show him another chain.  After the sales associate asked for the first chain back, he stated that he’d give it back but again asked if the store had a Franco chain.  After the sales associate stated she would show him a Franco when he handed the chain back, the subject balled up his other hand in an aggressive manner.  At this time the store manager approached and informed the subject that she would take the original chain back so he could see another chain.  The subject then stated “no” and proceeded to inform the store manager that they can’t do anything or chase him.  He then proceeded to walk away with the chain still in his possession.

The subject was described as Black, and in his late teens to early ’20s. He is 5’7”,  and was last seen wearing a red Tommy Hilfiger pullover hoodie, and a white face mask with black trim. He also wore a light grey shirt, black pants, and black low-top Nike air force 1’s. If you have any information regarding this subject, please contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at or 212-687-0328.


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