On 7/10/22, at approximately 3:15 p.m., two unidentified female subjects approached a jewelry kiosk and stated they were interested in seeing Cuban gold chains.  Subject 1 asked to see a 24” Cuban chain. When the team member took the chain out, Subject 1 asked to hold it to feel the weight. Before the team member even had a chance to hand it over to Subject 1, she snatched it out of her hand and both subjects went running out towards the nearest mall exit.

It should be noted that both subjects subsequently went to another jewelry store in Wellington FL an hour later and stole a gold chain as well. Subject 1’s typical method of operating involves her targeting one store and then traveling to another location that is relatively nearby.

Subject 1 – Black female, early to mid 20’s, 5”4, 110 lbs, wearing pink and black leggings, white shirt. This subject has committed ten grab and run thefts in 19 days.

Subject 2- Hispanic female, early 20s long black hair in a ponytail, 5”5, 135 lbs,  wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans.

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