On 6/20/22, at approximately 5:30 p.m. a jewelry store was the victim of a grab and run theft.  Two males entered the location and began looking at gold chains.  The male in a white Nike hat, identified below as “Main Subject” asked about a variety of gold chains.  The male began inquiring about financing and offered the name “Taneal” when the team member was creating a profile.  Shortly after, the male asked to see a 22″ Cuban link necklace.  The gold chain was removed from the showcase and the male asked to try it on.  Once the male secured the item around his neck, he began walking out of the store and then both males began running out of the mall.  The police were contacted and report filed.  The main subject is a Black male in his early 20’s. He is 5’09” and has an average build. He was last seen wearing a white Nike hat, gray hooded sweatshirt, black jeans, and a mask. The second subject is a Black male in his late 20’s. He is 5’09”, and has an average build. He was last seen wearing a hat, ripped jeans, a black shirt, and a mask. If you have any information regarding these subjects, please contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at .

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