On 12/11/22, at approximately 1:58 p.m., two males entered a jewelry store and looked at men’s rings. While looking at a case they noticed a men’s diamond and gold bracelet. Staff told the men the price and left them alone for a short time. The two subjects called the team member back over and asked to see the bracelet. Subject #2 walked to the front door and surveillance video shows him appearing to look for security or police. When he returned back in the store, he can be seen nodding to subject #1. At this time, both subjects proceeded to walk out of the store without payment. No person was injured and a report filed with local police.

Subject(s) Descriptions:

Subject 1 (committed theft) Black male, mid-20’s, wearing a black Nike ™ hoodie with a flower logo and the words “Have a nice Day” on the front. He exited with the yellow Nautica shoulder bag.

Subject 2 (look out) ” Appears to be an Asian/Filipino male, mid-20’s, 5’ 6”, wearing Rock Revival ™ jeans, gray Nike ™ hoodie, blue Napa Racing ™ logo hat, and entered wearing a yellow Nautica shoulder bag.

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