On 8/11/17, at approximately 8:30 p.m., two males and a female approached a kiosk. The males asked to look at several chains. The first suspect tried on a chain and asked if the Jesus crucifix would fit on the chain. The charm was put on the chain and the suspect put it on. At that point, the female suspect stated she wanted to shop elsewhere and left the store. The second male suspect inquired about a store promotion. He was then handed a chain and tried it on. Once both men had chains on, the first male suspect yelled “Run!” The suspects then fled from the store. All three suspects are Black. Both males are in their early 30’s. The first male is 6’1” has short hair. The second male is 5’8”. He has short hair and tattoos on both arms. He specifically has a red flame tattoo on his right arm. The female suspect is in her 50’s. She is 5’6” has short hair and is very skinny. If you have any information regarding the identities of these suspects, please call the St. Joseph Police Department at 816-271-4774.

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