On 09/26/23, at approximately 7:24 p.m., an unidentified female subject went into a jewelry store and stated she was looking for rings. The team member initially directed her to the clearance section after she said she wanted something for $500.00. After finding nothing there, they eventually went to the Bridal Section where the subject tried on several rings without incident. The subject was then turned over to a new team member who showed her a few more different rings. The subject then requested to see a 4 CCTW ring, and when it was provided to her, she tried it on her finger and then proceeded to run out the door to the nearest mall exit.

The subject was described as a Black female. She is 150 lbs, and in her late 20’s. She is between 5’6-5’7”. She also has long eyelashes, long blonde hair, and she was last seen wearing black pants, and a cream, white and gray V neck shirt, as well as black socks and sandals. She also has long nails with Coco Chanel on her pointer finger and Libra on her ring finger. If you have any information regarding this subject, please contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at or 212-687-0328.

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