On 8/3/21, at approximately 4:45 p.m., three male subjects entered a jewelry store and requested to look at gold chains and charms. Two team members were assisting the subjects who wanted to buy a chain and charm. The team members split up into two different presentations.

Both team members were showing one chain and charm to two of the subjects. The second team member was near the first when subject 1 aggressively grabbed the chains and charms from the presentation pad and out of the hands of the other team member and fled through the mall. Police were able to pull fingerprints from both stores.

The subjects were described as Black and between 17-20 years of age. The first subject is approximately 5’11” and wore a striped sweat jacket and had longer hair on top. The second subject is 5’8″ and had short hair. He wore a sweat jacket. The third subject is 5’10” and has short hair. He wore all white clothing.


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