Jewelry store robbed after being burglarized in January; owners say they will close

CHICAGO, IL – March 2, 2024 – A Northwest Side jewelry store was robbed Friday, Chicago police said. The crime was caught on surveillance video. The owners of the store said after 30 years in business enough is enough, and they’re planning to close down for good. This was the second incident in the past month for the jewelry store.

Surveillance video shows a gray car park in front of the store around 5 p.m. Friday. A man wearing sunglasses and a hat gets out and enters the store. The owners said he was asking about chains.

A second man in a hoodie then got out of the same car and, when he opens the front door, the man inside lunges over the counter and snatches as many chains as he could grab. The two then escape in the car as the workers inside huddled together in fear.

“He jumped over the counter. He pushed me to the wall. I bumped from the wall to opposite side. I start bleeding from my nose, and I wasn’t sure if he had a weapon or not. What was going to happen to us next?” said manager Halina Gielczynska. In a January burglary, it happened when the store was closed; the suspect in that incident smashed through several display cases before getting away with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry.

“What do you think? It’s like a little bit more than a month and we are again in trouble. How often are we going to get robbed?” Gielczynska said. In Friday’s robbery, no one is currently in custody.

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