Jewelry store and bank robbery suspect charged after committing armed robberies

Waco, TX – On August 17, 2023, the Waco, TX Police Department announced that John Rainwater, 42, (featured) had been charged in connection to a robbery at a jewelry store after he was arrested for, and in custody for committing bank robberies. On July 21, Rainwater was arrested for two bank robberies in Waco, TX. Both of those robberies occurred last year; one in October and one in April. Police discovered that employees had their hands tied during the robbery in April.

At the time of Rainwater’s arrest police found a high-end watch that was later confirmed to have been stolen from a jewelry store that experienced a gunpoint robbery on June 17, 2023. Two other people were also arrested and implicated in the jewelry store robbery. On August 4, 2923, Tontanisha Freeman was arrested in August for theft by possession, because she allegedly pawned jewelry that was stolen from the robbery. Lawanda Joiner was arrested in Waco on August 4, 2023, for theft by possession for allegedly transporting the stolen jewelry to Freeman.

Detectives from the Waco Police Department’s Special Crimes Unit implicated Rainwater in the jewelry store robbery because of his “likeness and consistency with how he committed each robbery”. A criminal complaint also stated Rainwater had the same “physical build, height, and weight” as the subject from the jewelry store robbery,

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Watch the video below to view an early news report about the jewelry store robbery.

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