On 12/19/18,  34-year-old Brian Wright was found guilty of two counts of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by robbery as well as two counts of brandishing a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. Wright was convicted for his role in two Las Vegas, NV jewelry store armed robberies in January 2017. On January 3, 2017, Wright provided a gun to his co-conspirator Deandre Nakita Brown. Brown and her co-conspirator Aquail Harris used that gun in the robbery. They subdued a security guard and stole over $850,000 worth of jewelry and watches. The stolen merchandise was delivered to two other co-conspirators, Kendareen Hudson and Safiyyah Christopher. Hudson and Christopher were the getaway drivers. Wright used police scanner apps to monitor police radio traffic. Wright then communicated that information to his accomplices.  Christopher and Hudson were subsequently arrested.

In the second robbery, on January 13, 2017, Wright also recruited others to help him commit the crime. His accomplice, Carl Whitley, procured cars and Deandre Nakita Brown was the gunman during the robbery. Wright managed to obtain Whitley’s gun, which he gave Brown to use during the robbery. Over $700,000 worth of merchandise was taken during the robbery. It was then transported into a vehicle driven by Randy Jerousek. Jerousek drove the merchandise to the Suncoast Hotel-Casino. An alert off-duty police officer outside the store observed the subjects enter the getaway vehicle. The officer followed the vehicle and observed it park at the Suncoast hotel-casino. The stolen merchandise was found inside the vehicle. All subjects in both incidents have been arrested and have pleaded guilty.

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