Lev Leviev’s Bookkeeper mysteriously dies

Ramat Gan, Israel – On November 11, 2018, Mazal Hadadi, a bookkeeper for one of Lev Leviev’s companies allegedly jumped to her death from the tenth floor of a bathroom window in Leviev’s office building.

The death was initially reported as a suicide. Mazal was believed to have jumped to her death following intense police questioning regarding her knowledge of an $80 million diamond smuggling scheme that has implicated Lev Leviev.

According to Israeli authorities, Hadadi went up to the tenth floor when no one else was on the tenth floor before she jumped to her death. The Hadadi family rejects the notion that Mazal committed suicide. Mazal’s husband has said, “I am convinced my wife did not commit suicide.” Reports have indicated that a mysterious call was made to Mazal’s cell phone which made her return to the office.

The Hadadi family has issued the following statement regarding Mazal’s death; “We reject the conclusion that Mazal committed suicide. We received other impressions from the police. They told us that after the shiva they will come with all the findings of the investigation, and we want to be patient until the truth comes out.”

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