Man Arrested for Pawning Counterfeit high-end Watches in Naples, Fl.

Naples, FL – November 21, 2023 – A man has been arrested for attempting to pawn a fake high-end watch at a Southwest Florida pawn shop last week.

Police say the suspect, identified as Olgierd Wielecki, first pawned a counterfeit watch for $7,000 at a pawn shop in Naples on September 29th.

The scheme was uncovered when the pawn shop staff, upon inspection, realized the watch was fake after completing the transaction.

Wielecki returned to the pawn shop on November 16th to pawn another counterfeit watch from the same high-end brand.

However, the pawn shop promptly identified the watch as a fake, noting that the serial number on the movement mechanism was laser engraved, a departure from the brand’s traditional imprinting method.

Additionally, the watch was missing knurled thumb screws on the winder pinion, further confirming its counterfeit nature.

Upon arresting Wielecki for Defrauding a Pawnbroker, Collier County deputies reportedly discovered cocaine, Adderall, and Xanax in his pockets during the arrest.

Wielecki faces charges of defrauding a pawnbroker, grand theft, passing counterfeit goods, possession of amphetamine, possession of Xanax, and possession of cocaine.

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