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Manhunt for 11 Suspects After Theft from Taiwan’s Jewelry & Gem Fair

Taiwan – On November 6, 2017, police in Taiwan identified 11 suspects that stole jewelry from the Taiwan Jewelry & Gem Fair.

Local authorities have contacted Interpol after discovering five suspects left the county. The group, comprised of eight men and three women are believed to be from Colombia and Mexico.

The theft occured after the trade show closed. The suspects stole a purse that contained NT$200 million ( US $6.63 million) from an underground garage.

According to police five of the suspects; four men and a woman, took taxis to Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport immediately after the theft. They took flights to Dubai, Hong Kong and Turkey.

Police in Turkey arrested a Mexican suspect upon his arrival in the country. Taiwan is seeking to have him extradited.

Police in Taiwan believe the remaining six suspects are still in Taiwan.

Credit: Fang Pin-chao, Taipei Times

A Police officer shows surveillance footage of the suspects from Taiwan’s Jewelry & Gem Fair theft.