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Memo International, Ltd.

MEMO INTERNATIONAL designs and manufactures a wide range of SHOW CASE LOCKING & SECURITY SYSTEMS. The brand name DIAMOND[E]MOTION expresses MEMO´s dedication to secure the high-value merchandise in the watch and jewellery industry. The MEMO system is supporting sales associates to focus on the client while the products are protected by customized features. Products range from low-cost Locking Systems to high-end Security Systems with worldwide remote capabilities.


MEMO products are UL approved but also cover Asian and European certificates as well to be a partner for worldwide operating brands. A high number of reference installations all over the United States and Canada demonstrate different levels of security.


MEMO International Ltd.
F17 Technopark
Mosta / MALTA
Email: memo@memo.co.at
Website:  www.memo.co.at
Phone Malta: +356 21 49 2262
Contact: Harald Czellary, CEO
Email: harald.czellary@memo.co.at