On 3/12/20, Joshua Nichols, 37, was arrested after he allegedly committed a gunpoint robbery of a 67-year-old jeweler at a vacant home. A jeweler told law enforcement that he was lured into a home on 2/6/20, by a man identified as Joshua Nichols and another man and a woman.

One of the men inside the home, identified as George Moya, had laid costume jewelry on the kitchen table. At that point, the victim said he heard a noise. Joshua Nichols pointed a black handgun at the right side of the victim’s head. Nichols demanded the victim to remove his jacket and pants. Nichols proceeded to remove $1,700 in cash from the victim’s wallet along with bracelets, a ring and other personal effects. The three subjects then fled from the vacant home.

A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured a vehicle driving away from the scene. That vehicle was traced to a woman with a connection to Nichols and Moya. The victim later identified the suspects in police photo lineups. Joshua Nichols is the son of Terry Nichols, who assisted Timothy McVeigh in building the bomb that killed 168 people in Oklahoma City, OK in 1995. Terry Nichols is serving a life sentence in prison for the bombing. Joshua Nichols is facing kidnapping, burglary and robbery charges for his crimes against the jeweler on 2/6/20.

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