Police looking for subjects caught on camera stealing gold bracelets

Brooklyn, NY – June 25, 2024 – A jewelry store owner in Bay Ridge is calling on the public to help identify those behind a brazen burglary in his store on June 15. Police are investigating persons of interest who entered the store just after 5 p.m. Store owner Fawzi stated the group asked to see merchandise behind the counter before allegedly stealing a roll of hand bracelets valued at over $50,000. The entire interaction played out on video as the man can be seen holding the roll behind his back before handing it off to a younger man who then places it within his shirt.

Gold bracelets.

“The husband came around the back and gave me a bag with $27,000 – and when I turn to count, they took the gold,” Ayoub said. He tells News 12 that it would take at least a year of businesses to make up for that loss and hopes police are able to return the merchandise. Community members say the store is an institution and say it’s unacceptable someone took advantage of Ayoub’s generosity.

“He works so hard, and it’s jewelry, and it cost around $55,000. And he worked so hard for this money, and it’s really discussed it for them to come and just stole his jewelry and then walked away,” said friend of Ayoub and customer Noha Elmolla.

Click here to view the article and video provided by News 12.

If you have any information regarding these subjects, please contact the Jewelers Security Alliance at 212-687-0328 or jsa2@jewelersseecurity.org.

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