A couple entered a jewelry store around 11:45 am. One of the subjects was a Black male, approximately 6”, who wore a gray suit, was bald and wore his sunglasses the entire time. He was with a White female, approximately 5’11, who wore a plaid coat and had ombre brown to blonde long hair. The couple quickly chose a loose 2.52 ct. cushion cut diamond and then said they would go through the mall to see more options from different stores.  They returned to the jewelry store around 12:40 p.m. and wanted to purchase the loose 2.52 ct. diamond. They insisted on purchasing the diamond loose and did not want the store to set the diamond. The male said they were visiting from Florida. The store asked for his driver’s license and credit card. The male subject had a Florida driver’s license and a gold American Express card. The store reported he filled out the client sheet very strangely and the sales associate had to ask for him to write down his address. The sales associate took his card and brought it to the office to run a code 10 on the credit card. The male was told the internet was down and it was going to be a minute for the store to ring the sale, so he abruptly said they had a phone call and wanted his cards back and they left the store. If you incurred a loss from this couple or experienced similar suspicious activity from a couple fitting this description, please contact the Jewelers’ Security Alliance at jsa@jewelrssecurity.org or 212-687-0328.


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