Press Release: Jewelers Mutual Group Launches Alarm Response Program

Neenah, WI – On June 3, 2021, Instore Magazine published a press release regarding Jewelers Mutual’s Alarm Response Program.

(PRESS RELEASE) NEENAH, WI — The jewelry industry is about to feel a lot safer thanks to Jewelers Mutual Group and its release of an Alarm Response Program supported by Securitas, a highly regarded global leader in protective services. The group had been piloting the program with its commercially insured jewelers and their agents with success. As crimes targeting the jewelry industry continue to climb, the group is ready to launch the program to all jewelers in the U.S., including those not currently insured with Jewelers Mutual.

“The jewelry industry is experiencing a concerning spike in criminal activity,” said Larry Spicer, vice president of loss prevention and risk management at Jewelers Mutual. “Criminals go where there are sales and as we ease out of the pandemic, retail sales are on the rise.”

While that should be positive news for the industry, it comes with the reminder to make security a priority. “To ensure jewelers’ future success, we’re making bigger investments in education, resources and services to help the industry combat crime,” said Spicer.

The new security offering is part of the group’s JM Risk Services division, dedicated to providing loss prevention education and multi-faceted risk management solutions to its policyholders and the entire jewelry industry. In the event of an alarm incident at a jewelry business, Securitas will dispatch a security officer to investigate the premises. Securitas personnel will then contact the jeweler’s security alarm company, and local law enforcement as needed to safeguard their business. Peace of mind comes from knowing every alarm will be responded to and security officers are ready and able to respond to any type of alarm security breach, threat or concern.

Watch a short clip of Andrew Dunn from Securitas explaining the alarm response service and how it fills a gap in jewelry business security here.

“We are happy to collaborate with Jewelers Mutual in offering the Alarm Response Program as part of its JM Risk Services,” said Dunn. “Together, we strive to mitigate jewelers’ risk and keep their stores safe.”

According to one of Jewelers Mutual’s independent agents, Stark Harbour of Assured Partners, jewelers often do not consider how vulnerable their location may be until something like an alarm security breach happens that damages their alarm system. In one such case, Securitas provided the jeweler security tours throughout the first night the store was vulnerable. “It gave my client tremendous relief having the extra level of protection for them and their staff,” said Harbour. “The reaction time of the alarm response service made a believer out of both of us.”

Jewelers Mutual and Securitas worked to ensure the program was affordable and presented cost savings for participants. With a reduced annual fee and the decision to waive the additional monthly retainer fee, jewelers can expect to save $800-$1,200 or more a year by joining the Alarm Response Program compared to going direct for the same service.

Spicer advises jewelers to not wait until it’s too late. “Make an investment in your future and put your safety first.”

For jewelers interested in learning more about the program, service locations and signing up, visit or contact the Loss Prevention team at



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